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Last Call Drawing Winners

$100 winner is Helena T. at NOAA
$50 winner is Linda M. at IRS Andover
Special Prize to Cindy L. at Shrewsbury CMPDC USPS

Thank you for your support!

2015 cfc goal-final

2015 cfc goal-final

CFC Brochure 2015

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If you need more information about the CFC of Eastern Massachusetts please contact Emily Gilmore, Campaign Manager, at 617-348-6228 or emily.gilmore@bostonabcd.org


In 2014, the Office of Personnel Management was pleased to announce Universal Giving (UG) which gives donors the ability to make a pledge to any of the 24,000+ charities that participate in the 151 CFC regions, regardless of geographic location or campaign region. Donors can search through an online list of all charities that meet the standard for inclusion on the Universal Giving list. Donors can make their pledges by entering the five-digit code on their local campaign region’s pledge form or on their campaign’s electronic giving system, to include Employee Express (EEX) and myPay (where available).

This means that you are no longer limited to donating to the charities listed on your local CFC Charity List. You can now choose from more than 24,000 participating charities throughout the United States and overseas. Each of these organizations has been vetted by Federal employees, so you can be confident that they meet the CFC eligibility requirements and public accountability standards.



Why donate through the CFC lines

Why donate through CFC?


“Because of the generous donations from the Combined Federal Campaign, we are able to continue to help hundreds of thousands of animals and people all over our state through its programs and services in adoption, spay/ neuter, law enforcement, and veterinary medicine”
“With contributions from the Combined Federal Campaign, we are able to assure help for the world’s most vulnerable people.”
“We help thousands of abused and neglected children and their families each year. Without support from the Combined Federal Campaign, it would be difficult for us to provide: Medical care, school supplies, warm clothes, gifts for the holidays, summer outings, sports equipment.”
“The Combined Federal Campaign supports our work on local, regional, national and international levels to: Combat climate change, protect from environmental health hazards, protect wildfire habitat, eliminate pollution from air, water, and land, preserve natural resources, educate about environmental issues worldwide.”
“Because of the Combined Federal Campaign, we are able to develop permanent supportive housing so that Yolanda, her daughter Ashley, and hundreds of other formely homeless individuals have a place to call home.”
“Most persons who are legally blind are not totally blind. But severe vision loss can have a devastating effect on anyone at any age. Because of federal dollars from the Combined Federal Campaign, we are able to provide video magnifiers and the training needed to achieve success in reading magnified print.”
“Veterans from eras ranging from World War II to the present day are helped here with shelter, counseling, training and job assistance. We couldn’t do it without the help of the Combined Federal Campaign
“Through advocacy and education, we work to ensure the dignity, quality of life, economic security and health of elders and their families. The Combined Federal Campaign provides a huge support for our work.”
“We provide job-training, health-wellness assistance to at-risk families and youth programs and outreach in the Latino community. The Combined Federal Campaign makes a huge difference for our programs.”